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Your Forever Spokane Electrician

Infinite Electric is a locally owned and operated business in Spokane, WA with the ambitious goal of becoming your forever Spokane electrician.

Serving Spokane County, WA with decades of electrical experience our local electricians are equipped to handle any residential or commercial electrical projects you send our way.

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Why Choose Infinite Electric to be Your Spokane Electrician

Locally Owned | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee | Up Front Pricing

24/7 Emergency Electrical Service

Electrical emergencies can strike at anytime. That’s why Infinite Electric is available around the clock to make sure your home and family stay safe.

Years of Electrical Experience

We only hire the best of the best, and our fully licensed electricians have decades of electrical experience.

Flexible Financing Options

Infinite Electric offers a variety of financing options for all credit types so you can get work done when you need it.

Standard 10 Year Workmanship Warranty

We provide nothing but the best quality for our customers and stand behind our work with an industry leading workmanship warranty.

Electrical Services

Residential Electrical

From outlets, electrical panels, or to complete home rewiring, we have your residential electrical needs covered.


Power outages can be devastating to your business or home life. Make sure your power supply is backed up with a generator system from Infinite Electric.

Panel Upgrades

As the heart of your electrical system, old, or damaged electrical panels can cause great harm to your home.

EV Chargers

Make sure your car gets the juice! Infinite Electric offers EV charger instillation for both residential & commercial customers.

Commercial Electrical

For restaurants, apartment buildings, retail spaces and more, our commercial electricians have you covered.

Lighting Installations & Upgrades

Want to improve the look, safety, or functionality of your lights? No problem! Give one of our electrical lighting experts a call today.

24/7 Emergency Service

Electrical emergencies can strike at a moments notice. If you are in need of an electrician we are available to help 24/7

Infinite Electric on Spokane’s Inland Life

Exclusive Interview with Co-Founder Corey Butcher

Our Team Serves as Both Residential Electricians & Commercial Electricians

When you work with the journeyman electricians at Infinite Electric you know you are going to get a quality product. Our local Spokane electricians are highly trained and utilize the highest quality materials so when the job is done you never have to worry about it again.

Working With Infinite Electric

  • Experienced Electricians:  On average each journeyman electrician on our team has over 10 years of electrical experience.
  • We Follow the Rules: Every job we do meets or exceeds local, state, and feral building code and we always pull permits. When required we always get electrical inspections on our electrical instillations so you can rest easy knowing the job was done right and your family or customers will be safe in your home or business.
  • Quality Materials: Our team opts to use quality materials and installation tactics over cheaper or easier alternatives. This way the electrical work we do will be as safe as possible and last as long as possible.
  • 10-Year Workmanship Warranty: Our Spokane electricians are so confident in the work we provide that Infinite Electric offers a standard 10-year workmanship warranty on our installations because we truly believe in the quality we provide. (Some limitations apply)
  • Five-Star Service: Infinite Electric has hundreds of 5-star reviews online because our work is high quality and our customer service is second to none. Our office staff will make sure your needs are met and check in with you throughout the entire process.

Infinite Electric is Committed to Excellence

  • We are up front and honest with our customers, staff, and vendors.
  • Upfront pricing: This way you always know how much your electrical work will cost.
  • No hidden Fees or extra unexpected charges. The quoted price you get will always be the price you pay.
  • Free Estimates from a licensed journeyman electrician.

Accountability for Electrical Services

  • All of our electricians are licensed, bonded, and insured
  • We always pull required permits for every job we do
  • Our team always has the correct legal ratios of electrical Journeyman and apprentices on each job.
  • Our work is backed by a 10-year workmanship warranty

Electrical Service Awards

Quality Work Guaranteed

What Sets Infinite Electric Apart From Other Electricians in Spokane?

If you’re in need of a Spokane electrician you have quite a few choices to call on to complete your electrical project. Making the right decision on the electrician you hire means resting easy knowing the work was done right and your electrical system will be safe to use for years to come.

At Infinite Electric we strive to provide nothing but the best quality customer service and workmanship in the industry.

Infinite Electricians Don’t Cut Corners

Every job we look at will have the attention of a fully licensed, bonded and insured Journeyman Electrician looking over every detail of your electrical project. These highly trained technicians are able to troubleshoot a wide variety of both residential and commercial electrical issues and identify areas of your electrical system that may be unsafe for use.

All the work we complete is compliant with federal, state, and local regulations by pulling required permits and strictly adhering to the National Electrical Code.

Top Quality Materials and Industry Leading Techniques

Many electricians in Spokane try to cut costs on materials and exclusively use aluminum products that tend to oxidize overtime causing conductivity issues. At Infinite Electric we only use top rated brands with copper wires and bussing wherever possible so that you won’t have to worry about electrical issues in the future.

Infinite Electricians are also trained to provide commercial grade workmanship even in residential applications. One example of this workmanship quality would be always pig tailing electrical outlets instead of using the “back stab” application which eventually wears out causing electrical failure in those devices over time.

This use of high quality materials and workmanship allows us to back up our work with 10 year warranties.

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Infinite Electric takes the time to educate customers on their electrical systems.

Five Star Reviews for Infinite Electric

We had a great experience with Infinite Electric. We initially just wanted a second opinion on another bid to upgrade our panel and put in a hook up for a hot tub. Nick came out and explained everything and was so down to earth, so we switched to Infinite for the job. Nick came to the site to check on progress more than once and even hooked up our hot tub last minute when it arrived early. Mike & Jessen did great work and were very friendly and professional. Both Sierra and Rachelle were friendly, helpful and great at communicating. I highly recommend this company.

Jen C.Google Review

From my first call to last contact I was impressed by Infinite Electric friendly yet professional way of providing the best service possible. Rachelle and Sierra were great to work with along with the team of Rob, Mike and Ben were amazing as they guided me through the process. They problem solved several lighting issues on the main floor including the under cabinet kitchen lights. All which gave my often dark even dreary home a comfortable, natural light. With dimmer switches I could go from daylight bright to a soft glow. I highly recommend them!

Mo R.Google Review

By far the best company to work with. I got 4 bids to require my 3000 sq ft house, new panel the whole nine. They went above and beyond and even cleaned after! Josh is very professional and so easy to talk to. Very knowledgeable. I could go on and on. Thanks guys. You gained another lifer lol

Samantha F.Google Review

How Much Does Hiring a Spokane Electrician Cost?

The cost of hiring a Spokane electrician can very greatly from job to job. Small electrical jobs such as replacing a single outlet or changing out other electrical devices might cost as little as $100. Large jobs such as automatic generator installations, or rewiring knob & tube can cost well over $10,000+ depending our the existing electrical infrastructure, size of the home, and quality of materials used.

Can you give electrical bids over the phone?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide bids over the phone because our office staff are not licensed journeyman electricians and we do everything by the book.

There are also a substantial amount of variables that come into play when you are getting an electrical quote. How old is your home, what brand of electrical panel is in your home, how difficult is it to run wires throughout your house, do you have the proper amperage for your circuits, does your big electronic devices have dedicated circuits, etc.

Although we don’t provide quotes over the phone we will always be able to send out a licensed, bonded, and insured journeyman electrician to look at your project in person and provide you with the best options to get the job done to your satisfaction.

Why does Infinite Electric provide free estimates while other electricians charge a dispatch fee?

Other electrical companies chose to charge a dispatch fee simply because electricians are expensive and they are trying to save a buck at your expense.

At Infinite Electric we believe in providing free estimates because customers shouldn’t have to pay just to get a price.

Not only will you get a free estimate from Infinite Electric in most cases you will get multiple options to complete your electrical project so you can chose the quote that works best for you. And the best part, when you get a quote from Infinite Electric that is the price you will pay. No hidden fees, gotchas, or upsells.

burning electrical outlet shorting, danger

24-Hour Emergency Electrical Service

Electrical emergencies can strike at any time. Our top priority is the safety of our customers that’s why we offer 24-hour emergency electrical services to home and business owners in Spokane, WA.

Learn more about our Emergency Electrical Services. 

EV Charger Instillations

The world is changing and electric vehicles are becoming more popular then ever. If you are planning on getting a new EV having a home EV charger is a must have! Our electricians can walk you through the electric vehicle charging options that suit your needs the best.

Learn more about our EV charger instillation services. 

EV Charging Station on the street
Backstabbed electrical outlet on fire

Outlet Re-Device

Over time outlets become damaged for various reasons. The two most common reasons for outlet damage are backstabbing outlets instead of taking the time to pigtail the wires, and plugging in electronics that draw more power then your circuit is rated for.

If your outlets aren’t working property, smoking, or have burn marks you should call a licensed electrician immediately. Learn more about our residential electrician services.

Generator Installations

With unpredictable whether patterns and frequent power outages hiring a generator installation services in Spokane can make a lot of sense. Our electricians are trained in installing fully automatic whole home generators as well as transfer switches so you can hook up your own portable generator to your electrical panel.

Learn more about transfer switches and our generator installation services. 

Generator Installation in Spokane, WA

Other Popular Spokane Electrician Services

Commercial Electricians

Commercial electricians in Spokane are becoming more and more difficult to come by because they require over 8,000 hours of certified electrical hours as well as completion of an electrical trade program.

Many other companies in the area have to turn down commercial work because they don’t have enough commercially licensed electricians .

Thankfully, Infinite Electric doesn’t have that problem with a core team of commercially licensed 01 journeyman electricians that is continuously growing.

Learn more about our commercial electrician services. 

Interior & Exterior Lighting

Whether you are looking to update the look of your chandelier, add recess lighting, motion sensor lights, or even add parking lot lights to your business Infinite Electric has you covered.

Learn more about lighting services. 

Electrical Panel Upgrades

The electrical panel is the main control hub for your homes electrical system. All of your homes circuits run through your electrical panel or breaker box and are equipped with safety measures to keep wires from overheating and potentially catching on fire.

Many homes in Spokane County are equipped with older electrical panels that are undersized for todays electrical demands. If you are thinking of adding new electrical circuits to your home you should have an electrician evaluate your panel to make sure your next home improvement project is going to be safe.

Learn more about breaker box safety and electrical panel upgrades. 

Smoke Detectors

Having properly functioning smoke detectors in your home is a life safety issue. We are able to hard wire smoke detectors into your home or business that are rated to last up to 10+ years and designed to keep your family and customers safe.

Surge Protection

Surge protection an important part of keeping your homes electrical system and your electronic devices safe. When there is a surge of power that goes through your electrical system such as a lightning strike or a surge of excess power from the utility company there is a high likelihood that part of your system gets fried without the proper protection.

Dedicated Circuits

Dedicated circuits are important for prolonging the life of your electrical equipment and home wiring. When you plug in an electrical device to an outlet that isn’t rated for the power your device requires it will slowly start to destroy the wiring on that circuit as well as your outlet.

Common items that should have a dedicated circuit include; Hot tubs, treadmills, saunas, portable heaters, portable AC units, EV chargers, etc.

Hot Tub Wiring

Ordering a new hot tub can be an exciting time! The only issue is once you get it you need to connect it to the right power source…  and so so safely because water and electricity don’t mix!

Our team of electricians can complete your hot tub wiring project in a safe and efficient way so your can start enjoying your new tub as quickly as possible without having to worry if you wired it correctly yourself.

Ceiling Fan Instillations

Do you have an old outdated ceiling fan that needs replaced? Or perhaps you just want to add better airflow to that certain room in your house. Infinite Electric provides ceiling fan replacements and installations and utilizes ceiling fan rated electrical boxes so you don’t have to worry about that fan coming down unexpectedly.

We can also replace or add ceiling fans to homes & business with extra tall ceilings. Just let us know before we come out so we can get the proper equipment!

Knob & Tube Wiring Replacement

Knob & tube wiring is notorious for causing house fires. In fact, it is so bad that most homeowners insurance companies won’t even insure your home if Knob & Tube wiring is found in your home.

While in many cases the electrical system can still function with knob & tube it is almost always advised to replace as soon as possible.

Call Today: 509-723-0022

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge for electrical services?

At Infinite Electric we use an up front pricing model. Our licensed electricians will travel to your job site and provide you with estimates to complete your project. Once you receive an estimate for your scope of work you will never pay more then that quoted dollar amount.

What education/training do Infinite Electricians have?

All of our Journeyman Electricians have completed the 8,000 hours of required electrical apprenticeships and passed their Journeyman exams with the State of Washington.

On average our Journeyman have over 20 years of electrical experience each and participate in ongoing education to keep up with electrical safety updates and code changes.

What size of projects do you take on?

At Infinite Electric we work with a wide variety of both residential and commercial customers. We happily take on small jobs such as changing out a single outlet and have the capacity for large jobs such as wiring entire commercial buildings.

No matter the size of your project you will be treated with 5-star service as we strive to become your forever electrician.

What advice would you give to customers looking to hire an electrician?

1.) Make sure that your electrical contractor is licensed, bonded and insured.

2.) Make sure your electrician is licensed – All licensed electricians are required to have their electrical license clearly visible on their person at all times.

3.) Check for any electrical violations on the Washington L&I website.

4.) Verify that your electrician is going to pull all required permits to ensure the job is completed safely.

5.) Look for an electrician that provides up front pricing so you don’t end up paying more then you should.

What does your warranty cover?

Our 10 year workmanship warranty covers any electrical installations we performed at your home or business.

The following are not covered under warranty.

  • Troubleshooting fixes.
  • Light-bulb replacements
  • Work completed by other electricians
  • Negligence