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Commercial Electricians in Spokane

When it comes to your place of business having commercial electricians you can count on to get the job done in a timely manner is imperative to the bottom line.

Whether you loose power to your refrigeration system and need an emergency commercial electrician or want to build a new commercial facility from the ground up Infinite Electric can meet your commercial electrical needs.

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Commercial Electricians Spokane
Commercial Electricians in Spokane

Commercial Electricians in Spokane can be Hard To Find

Commercial Electrician Licensing Requirements

Unlike residential electricians in Washington who can legally operate in homes with just an 02 journeyman license, commercial electricians in Spokane require further training, job hours, and licensing.

Commercial electricians in Washington state hold an 01 Journeyman license which requires over 8,000 on the job hours, completion of trade school as well as passing scrutinizing electrical tests.

Fast Commercial Electrician Response

Infinite Electric is fortunate enough to have a large team of 01 licensed commercial electricians that can be quickly deployed to your commercial property should the need arise.

We understand that when the lights go out at your business so does your ability to generate revenue. That’s why our team prioritizes getting your business back up and running fast when something goes wrong with your electrical system.

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Common Commercial Electrician Services

Electrical Troubleshooting

When something with your electrical system goes wrong there is no other company you would rather have fix the problem. Our team of commercial electricians are specifically trained to find, diagnose, and fix any electrical issue that might arise in your business so you can get back up and running as soon as possible.

Infinite Electric also offers 24-Hour Emergency ServiceĀ 

Replacing Outlets

Most businesses are heavily reliant on their electrical outlets working properly so they can power commercial equipment. If you find yourself with outlets that aren’t working or need additional outlets added to a new area our team has you covered.

Bringing Power to New Devices

Certain equipment requires more then just a new outlet to safely bring power to it. In many cases a dedicated circuit is required so that the wiring in your commercial building doesn’t get damaged and your equipment stays safe.

400 Amp Panel Installation

While most residential electricians stick to 200 amp panels in homes around Spokane. Our team of commercial electricians has years of experience installing 400 amp panels or larger.

Interior & Exterior Lighting

Many businesses in Spokane have been updating their lighting and receiving rebates from utility companies. Contact one of our commercial electricians and they can walk you through what rebates are available in your area.

Backup Power Systems & Generators

Nothing is worse then losing power at your business on a busy day. Backup power systems and generator installations are a great way to make sure your business never misses a beat.

Surge Protection

Electrical surges can cause substantial damage to commercial equipment. Our commercial electricians can install various surge protection devices to make sure your electronics survive that surge of power from lighting strikes or utility surges.

Parking Lot Lights

If you want your employees and customers to feel safe at your establishment at night time parking lot lights are a great option. Whether you need to replace your parking lot lights or install a new lighting system entirely our commercial electricians have you covered.

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